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Teachers on the Edge!               

Peterswell Teachers
Here we are in 2008 – a team of 9 - 3 Classroom Teachers , Learning support, Resource Teacher ,2 Special Needs Assistants and a Principal Release Teacher. Life in the classroom is ever changing.


The Junior Class Teacher is the one having her socks charmed off her at least 20 times a day with the children’s innocence, comedic ways and their spontaneous displays of affection and their total belief in her invincibility. Way to Go – Superteacher!!! When the cry ‘Superteacher!’ goes up, she grits her teeth, squeezes out her J-cloth, praying it’s a minor spill, swooping down and yet knowing there is no such thing when you’re five years old.

Moving on to the Middle Room – Teacher here does not have to bend once to tie a shoelace. Not one nose needing a wipe. No drinks spilled at lunchtime. And not a sign of a crayon let loose on any of the walls or floor. Weird. They now have mastered the art of sitting in a chair for longer than five minutes. They can now write their names. Heck! – They can now write a whole sentence without help! It is now possible to turn her back on them for longer than thirty seconds without hell breaking loose. These little beings can now work in pairs and groups unsupervised. She can send them on a message to another room without wondering if they will find their way back.

However with all these little ‘blessings’ comes comedy in another form. Now First Holy Communion has to be reckoned with. Teaching of prayers brings a new language art into play – from  ‘blessed art thou a monk swimming’  (can you picture him?) to ‘O my God, thank you for lovely me’. Yes, I am sure you are lovely, but you are thanking God for ‘loving you’

The third and last room on the Education Ladder in St. Thomas’ finds children (oops! – young adults) in the Senior Classes. They have graduated to the honour of Leaders  - beings to be worshipped for their ‘Coolness’ and trendiness. – Forced into wearing a tie everyday! – A tie that somehow finds itself hidden beneath a  ‘geansaí and only produced when the Principal pounces – Cá bhfuil do charbhat?

Media influences take their toll, now more than ever. Everyone is a budding candidate for ‘You’re a Star’, Celebrity Farm or ‘All Stars’. Relationships are now changing – Johnny is now beginning to look more appealing than ever before – why didn’t I take note of that cute smile before this, when I sat beside him in second class?

For those fortunate enough to escape the classroom for an hour or two there is the Resource Teacher waiting to welcome them with open arms. Once the steps of the Pre-Fab have been negotiated they come to a haven of individual attention in a tranquil environment.  She then escorts them under duress back to the mayhem of the classroom.

We, as a team have now come to the conclusion, that teaching doesn’t necessarily involve the energy of a roadrunner, the patience of a Tibetan monk and the diplomacy of Saddam Hussein’s PR company. We still wouldn’t recommend it to anyone in need of destressing!