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Father O’Connor also requested a school for the Keane’s Pound Area at the south end of the parish because there was no national school within a five-mile radius.  Father O’Connor had passed away before the Reyrawer one room school was opened in 1883.  A Mrs. Kiely of Seehan ,Kilmacduagh was appointed teacher and she walked to and from her home every day a distance of about 6 miles each way!  At the time this school opened there were 2 local hedge schools nearby, one in Gardenblake Commons with 33 pupils and one in Gorteenboy in the parish of Kilbeacanty.  When the school closed in 1967 ,the pupils were transferred to Peterswell School.  The last teacher in Reyrawer was Mrs. Mernie Glesson Nee Cunningham of Ballylaha.