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School Registers since 1944 




Register Names

In the following pages are the names of all boys and girls from the School Registers since 1944.
I hope many readers will have some interesting times, pouring over the names and working out relationships.

                                                                                               Name                 Townland               Name       Townland


Paddy Joe Larkin RIP                            Dromore                                           Kathy Burke                          Loughanunawadda
Toddie Kerins                                       Gardenblake                                      Margaret Mulcair                   Dromore
Michael O’Donnell RIP                         Hollymount                                        Emily Farrell                           Dromore
Mick Power                                          Lissadoil                                           Aggie Kelly                            Ballynabucky
Gerry Kerins RIP                                  Gardenblake                                     Patsy Collins RIP                   Cappard
Vera Nolan                                           Cappard
Brigid O’Donnell RIP                            Drumnaloch
Philomena Callaghey RIP                       Hollymount

Patrick Donohue                                     Rattin, Ardrahan                                     Brigid McDonagh                   Peterswell
Eddie Kennedy                                       Limepark                                               Ann Daly                                Gorteenaniska
Paul Healy                                              Rahaly                                                    Mary Joe Hehir                      Cappard
Noel Burke                                            Sekehanagh                                             Ann Callaghey                        Hollymount
John Ellwood                                          Doonally                                                 Kathleen Ellwood                   Doonally
Mary Bradley                                         Cappard

Tom Prendergast RIP                             Rahaly                                                     Mary Ann O’Donnell             Drumnaloch
Paddy Burke                                          Loughanunawadda                                  Tearsa Healy                           Rahaly
Frank Helly                                            Sekehanagh                                             Kathleen Kennedy RIP           Limepark
Paddy Power                                          Lissadoil
Paddy Ellwood                                       Doonally
Josie Burke RIP                                      Ballynabucky
John James Healy RIP                             Ballynabucky
Frank Kelly                                             Ballynabucky
Paul Healy                                               Rahaly

Willie Fahy                                             Doonally                                                 Eileen Farrell                           Dromore
Cyril Kelly                                              Ballynabucky                                          Bibi Burke                               Loughanunawadda
Jack Prendergast                                     Rahaly                                                    Monica Slattery RIP               Ballynabucky
Mick Larkin                                            Dromore                                                 Peggy Larkin RIP                    Sekehanagh
Michael Coleman                                    Loughanunawadda                                  Nora O’Donnell RIP               Drumnaloch
Eddie Coleman                                        Loughanunawadda                                  Peggie Cooke                           Ballynabucky
Ned Deely                                              Gorteenaniska
Tom Ellwood                                          Doonally
Paddy Joe Callaghey                               Doonally
Sean Cooke                                             Ballynabucky

Desmond Cooke                                     Ballynabucky                                          Eileen Helly                            Skehanagh
Michael Cooney                                     Peterswell                                               Margaret Healy                       Rahaly
Johnny Power RIP                                 Lissadoil                                                  Ann Kerins RIP                      Gardenblake
Paddy Lally                                            Gortardigan                                             Annie Burke                            Loughanunawadda
Vincent Collins                                       Cappard                                                  Ann Glynn                              Ballylee
Marie Glynn                                           Ballylee
Mona Glynn                                         Ballycahalan
Peggy Moran                                      Newtown
Mary Moran                                       Newtown
Teresa Moran                                     Newtown
Peggie Helly                                       Skehanagh
Eileen Collins                                     Cappard



Mattie O’Donnell RIP                            Drumnaloch                                            Mollie Prendergast                  Rahaly
Kieran Furey                                           Sekehanagh (Oranmore)                          Teresa Kelly                           Ballynabucky
Paddy Coleman                                       Loughanunawadda                                  Julie Ann Healy                      Rahaly
Mick Healy RIP                                     Rahaly
Colie Galvin                                            Knockuaire


Mattie Kellehger RIP                              Cappard
Bertie Fahy RIP                                      Doonally
Mattie Prendergast RIP                          Rahaly
Brendan Mulcair                                     Dromore
Willie Kerins RIP                                    Gardenblake


Michael Callanan RIP                             Rahaly                                                     Kathleen Collins                     Skehanagh
Michael Kerins RIP                                Gardenblake                                            Philomena Glynn                    Ballyee
Eamon Burke                                          Loughanunawadda                                  Julie Ann Healy                      Rahaly
Francis Larkin (Fr.)                                 Dromore                                                  Eileen Kelly                            Ballynabucky
Sean Collins                                            Skehanagh                                               Margaret Kelleher                   Skehanagh
Bernard Prendergast                                Rahaly                                                     Maggie Deely                          Gorteenaniska
Ann Pat Kelleher                                    Cappard
Teresa O’Donnell                                   Drumnaloch
Mairead Leary                                       Cappard
Mary Callanan                                       Rahaly
Mary Galvin                                          Knockoura

Patrick Leary                                          Capppard                                                Mary T. O’Donnell                                Hollymount
Martin Farrell                                         Shanvalley                                               Ann Walsh                              Faraun
Joseph Power                                         Lissadoill                                                 Christina Kelly                       Ballynucky
John Coleman                                         Loughanunawadda                                  Teresa Kelleher                       Cappard
Eugene Glynn                                         Ballyee
Sean Dooley                                            Lecknabegga
Joe Callanan                                            Rahaly
Albert Glynn                                          Ballyee
Michael Flanagan                                    Lecknabegga

Patrick Mulcair                                       Dromore                                                  Mary Lynskey                       Rahaly
Moira Farrell                                          Shanvalley

Donal Fallon                                           Knockoura                                              Kathleen Lynskey                  Rahaly
Tom Kelleher                                          Cappard                                                  Maura Lucitt                           Peterswell
Christopher Deely                                  Gorteenaniska
Michael Mullins                                     Gortardagaun

Michael Galvin                                       Knocguaire                                              Maureen Kelly                        Skehanagh
Laurence Fahy                                        Doonally                                                 Noreen Lahiffe                        Peterswell
Thomas Coleman                                    Loughanunawadda                                  Ann Callanan                          Rahaly
Seamus Coleman                                     Loughanunawadda                                  Pauline Fahy RIP                    Doonally
Michael Farrell                                        Shanvalley                                               Mary Murray                         Peterswell

James Farrell                                           Shanvalley                                               Mary Kelleher                        Cappard
John James Curley                                  Cloone                                                     Margaret Parker                      Cloone
Michael Parker                                        Cloone                                                     Bridie Callanan                        Rahaly
Martin Lally                                           Gortardagaun                                          Elizabeth Kelly                       Ballynabucky
Edward Lally                                          Gorteenaniska                                         Sabina Lewis                           Ballycahalan
Michael Fahy                                          Doonally                                                 Margaret Howley                   Limepark
Pat Lahiffe                                              Peterswell                                               Anne Leary                             Cappard
Mary Mullins                         Gortardagaun
Maud Lahiffe                          Peterswell
Ann Murray                           Peterswell
Bernadette Horan RIP            Skehanagh


Gerard Coleman                                      Loughanunawadda                                  Rosaleen Glynn                      Ballyee
Stephen Kelleher                                     Cappard                                                  Maura Carew                          Hollymount
Thomas Hehir                                         Gortaloman                                             Gertie Burke                           Loughanunawadda
Patrick Morgan                                       Skehanagh                                               Ann Mullins                           Gortardagaun
Coleman Curley                                      Cloone                                                     Mary Howley                         Ballycahalan
Martin Howley                                       Doonally                                                 Mary Hynes                           Kilderry
Julie Hynes                             Kilderry



Frank Keely                                            Skehanagh                                               Bridget Howley                      Limepark
Paul Keely                                              Skehanagh                                               Mary Hehir                             Gortaloman
Michael Fitzgerald                                  Knockoura                                              Mary Collins                          Knockoura
Sean Parker                                             Cloone                                                     Carmel Leary                          Cappard
Sean Murray                                           Peterswell                                               Noirin Carew                          Hollymount
Fred Fitzgerald                                        Knockoura


John James Howley                                  Doonally                                                 Teresa Hynes                          Kilderry
Fintan Keely                                           Skehanagh                                               Maureen Fitzgerald                 Kilderry
Brendan Collins                                      Cappard                                                  Maureen Deely                       Gortardagaun
Michael Morgan                                     Skehanagh                                               Maureen Hynes                      Ballylee
Dermot Lahiffe                                       Peterswell                                               Mary Kerins                           Gardenblake
John Lahiffe                                            Peterswell                                               Bridie Madden                        Gortaloman


John Howley                                          Limepark                                                 Mary Farrell                           Dromore
Michael Kelleher                                     Cappard                                                  Maureen Hansberry                                Limepark
John Mullins                                           Gortardagaun                                          Marian Coleman                     Loughanunawadda
Michael Lucitt                                        Peterswell                                               Mary Kerins                           Doonally
Joe Sherry                                               Skehanagh                                               Ann Collins                             Knockoura
Sean Mulkerrins                                      Lissadoill                                                 Josie Deely                             Gortardagaun
Patrick Mulkerrins                                  Lissadoill                                                 Mary Sherry (Metta)             Gortaloman
Kevin Mulkerrins                                   Lissadoill                                                 Maureen Hughes                     Ballynabucky
Ann Carew RIP                                    Hollymount
Bridget Hynes                                       Ballylee
Kathleen Mulkerrins                              Lissadoill


Patrick Howley                                       Limepark                                                 Angela Sherry (RIP)               Gortaloman
John Sherry                                             Skehanagh                                               Lilly Morgan                           Skehanagh
John Fitzgerald                                       Knockoura                                              Julie Collins                            Cappard
Martin Keely                                          Skehanagh                                               Carmel Hughes                        Ballynabucky
Bertie Keely                                            Doonally                                                 Carmel Farrell                         Shanvalley
Eamon Keely                                          Doonally                                                 Mary Galbraith                       Faraun
John Leary                                              Cappard
Larry Kearns (RIP)                                 Doonally
John Dempsey(RIP)                               Peterswell
John Hynes                                             Kilderry


Jimmy Kerins                                         Doonally                                                 Philomena Leary                     Cappard
Martin Morgan                                       Skehanagh                                               Mary Margaret Keely            Rahaly


Michael Connaire (RIP)                          Kilthomas                                               Mary Kelleher                        Cappard
Peter Fitzgerald                                       Kilderry                                                  Mary Maloney                       Faraun
Mathew Keely                                        Doonally                                                 Attracta Dempsey                  Peterswell
Sylvester Keely                                      Skehanagh                                               Geraldine Dempsey                Peterswell
Andy Lynskey                                       Skehanagh
Tom Galbraith                                        Cappard
Kieran Leary                                           Loughanunawadda

Paul Sherry                                             Gortaloman                                             Mary Connaire                       Kilthomas
John Kelleher                                          Cappard                                                  Eileen Fitzgerald                     Kilderry
Martin Kerins                                         Doonally                                                 Josephine Maloney                                Faraun
Gerard Carew                                          Skehanagh                                               Mary Keely                            Skehanagh



Patrick Kerins                                         Doonally                                                 Marion Carew                         Skehanagh
Kieran Morgan                                        Skehanagh                                               Mary Teresa Cooney             Peterswell
Joseph Lynskey                                     Skehanagh
John Patrick Fahy                                   Cappard (Kinvara)


Sean Carew                                             Skehanagh                                               Brigid Connaire                       Kilthomas
Eamon Leary                                           Loughanunawadda                                  Mary Morgan                         Skehanagh
Sean Hynes (RIP)                                   Gortardagaun                                          Mary Howley                         Limepark
Michael Hynes                                       Gortardagaun                                          Noreen Fitzgerald                   Gortardagaun
Gerard Farrell                                          Dromore                                                  Mary Lynskey                       Skehanagh
Thomas Farrell (RIP)                              Dromore                                                  Mary Hennessy                      Gortardagaun
Gerard Skehill                                         Skehanagh                                               Mary Farrell                           Dromore
Bridget Carr                                           Dromore
Elizabeth Farrell                                     Dromore
Cathy Farrell                                         Dromore


Gerard Keely                                          Doonally                                                 Eileen Howley                        Limepark
Bernard Leary                                         Loughanunawadda                                  Christina Leary                       Cappard
Michael Niland                                       Skehanagh                                               Mary Callanan                        Lissadoill
Mary Roughan                                         Ballycahalan
Vergina Burke                                          Skehanagh
Mary Dolan                                              Rahaly
Ann Fitzgerald                                          Kilderry
Teresa Niland                                           Skehanagh


John Hennessy                                       Gortardagaun                                          Mary Lally                             Ballynabucky
Pat Joe Keely                                          Rahaly                                                     Josephine Hughes                   Gortaloman
Michael Callinan                                     Lissadoill                                                 Mary Teresa Fitzgerald          Lecknabegga


Fergus O’Donnell                                   Cappard                                                  Ann Carew                              Skehanagh
Joseph Cooney                                       Peterswell                                               Mary Connors                        Kilderry
Lar Connaire                                           Kilthomas
Michael Connors                                    Kilderry
Michael Hennessy                                  Gortardagaun
Gerald Maloney                                      Faraun
James Fitzgerald                                     Knockoura


John Fitzgearld                                       Lecknabegga                                            Eithne Collins                         Skehanagh
John Lynskey                                         Skehanagh                                               Geraldine Caulfield                 Kilderry
Michael Caulfield                                    Skehanagh                                               Pauline Leary                          Loughanunawadda
Paddy Skehill (RIP)                                Skehanagh
Packie Carew                                          Hollymount
Sean Roughan                                          Ballycahalan



Martin Connors                                      Kilderry                                                  Angela Carew                          Skehanagh
Pat Farrell                                               Dromore                                                  Philomena Roughan                Ballycahalan
Francis Lynskey                                     Skehanagh                                               Catherine Connaire                 Kilthomas
Marie O’Donnell                    Cappard
Paula Finn                               Ballycahalan
Caroline Kelly                         Ballynabucky



Peter Caulfield                                        Kilderry                                                  Mary Shaughnessy                 Skehanagh
Liam Caulfield                                         Skehanagh                                               Winnie Fitzgerald                    Knockoura
J.J. Leary                                                Loughanunawadda                                  Agnes Connaire                       Kilthomas
John Walsh                                             Faraun
Patrick Fitzgerald                                    Lecknabegga
Noel Healy                                              Rahaly



Michael Fitzgerald                                  Lecknabegga                                            Imelda Farrell                          Dromore
Oliver Healy                                           Rahaly                                                     Brid Carew                              Hollymount
Ciaran Connors                                       Kilderry                                                  Rita O’Donnell                       Cappard
Martin Carew                                         Skehanagh
Sean McInerney                                      Cappard
John Healy                                              Ballynabucky                                          Patricia Hennessy                   Gortardagaun
Packie Caulfield                                      Kilderry                                                  Maureen Hynes                      Gortardagaun
Peter Fahy                                              Knockoura                                              Rosaleen Roughan                   Ballycahalan
Gerard Fahy                                            Calfhill                                                    Patricia Gardiner                     Cappard
Patrick Hansberry                                   Reyrawer                                                                Mary Healy                            Ballynabucky
Eamon Hansberry                                   Reyrawer                                                                Ann Healy                              Rahaly
Petula Fahy                             Knockoura
Catherine Fahy                       Knockoura
Patricia Moran                        Bunnaglass
Mairead Moran                       Bunnaglass
Mary Moran                           Kanespound
Angela Moran                         Kanespound
Monia Slattery                        Ballynabucky


Mathew Cunnigham                               Ballylaha                                                 Pauline Connaire                     Kilthomas
John Gardiner                                         Cappard                                                  Helena Connors                      Kilderry
Michael Finn                                           Ballycahalan                                            Mary Fahy                             Knockoura
Anthony Hansberry                               Reyrawer                                                Rita Leary                               Loughanunawadda
Oliver Walsh                                           Faraun                                                     Fiona Mulcair                         Dromore
Francis Walsh                                         Cuilmore                                                 Patricia Connors                     Kilderry
Martin Caulfield                                     Kilderry                                                  Chris Fitzgerald                      Cappard
Mary Teresa Fahy                                 Doonally


James Fahy                                             Knockoura                                              Siobhan O’Donnell                 Cappard
Oliver Fitzgerald                                     Lecknabegga                                            Geraldine Hennessy                Gortardagaun
John Fahy                                               Doonally                                                 Eilis Healy                              Rahaly
Vincent Collins                                       Skehanagh                                               Angela Hansberry                   Reyrawer
Anthony Cunningham                            Ballylaha                                                 Mary Dooley                          Lissadoill
Tim Gleeson                                           Gort
Michael Howley                                     Gortaloman



Kevin Collins                                          Skehanagh                                               Sarah Fahy                              Doonally
J.J. Finn                                                  Ballycahalan                                            Josephine Connaire                 Kilthomas
Denis Farrell                                           Dromore                                                  Gertrude Cooney                    Peterswell
Gerard Fitzgerald                                    Cappard                                                  Mary Kennedy                       Limepark
Brendan Gleeson                                     Gort                                                        Caroline Lally                         Ballynabucky
Francis Larkin (RIP)                               Dromore


James Brady                                           Kilthomas                                               Nuala Healy                            Rahaly
Donal Lynskey                                       Skehanagh                                               Olive Mulcair                          Dromore
Gerard Gardiner                                      Cappard                                                  Nora Dooley                           Lecknabegga
Bartley Connors                                     Hollymount                                            Angela O’Donnell                   Hollymount
Colm Farrell                                            Shanvalley                                               Mary Brady                            Kilthomas
Padraig Fitzgerald                                   Cappard


Martin O’Donnell                                   Hollymount                                            Martina Healy                        Ballynabucky
Gerard O’Donnell                                   Hollymount                                            Grace Cunningham                  Ballylahy
Gerard Deely                                          Gorteenaniska                                         Dolores Larkin                        Dromore
John Kennedy                                         Limepark                                                 Mary Fahy                             Hollymount
Christy Fahy                                          Doonally                                                 Vicky Carey                            Derrywee
Brendan Mulcair                                     Dromore                                                  Evelyn Baker                          Ballylee
Niall Farrell                                             Shanvalley


Raphael Counihan                                   Streamstown                                           Bernadette Fitzgerald              Cappard
J.J. Counihan                                          Streamstown                                           Christina Kennedy                  Limepark
Pearse Counihan                                     Streamstown                                           Ann Marie Coen                     Peterswell
Colie McGarry                                       Peterswell                                               Mary Deely                            Gorteenaniska
Martin Fahy                                           Doonally                                                 Martina Brady                        Kilthomas
Thomas Kilcooley                                  Shragh                                                     Marlyn Quinn                         Ballynabucky
Martina Hansberry                 Reyrawer
John Dooley                                           Lecknabegga                                            Emily Kennedy                       Limepark
Martin Deely                                          Gorteenaniska                                         Ann Finn (RIP)                       Ballycahalan
Paddy Connors                                       Hollymount                                            Roisin Farrell                          Shanvalley
Michael Quinn                                        Ballynabucky                                          Avril Mulcair                          Dromore
Richard Collins                                       Skehanagh                                               Alice Hansberry                      Reyrawer
Declan Prendergast                                 Rahaly                                                     Una Gohery                            Lecknabegga
Paddy Joe Fahy                                      Doonally                                                 Breda Gohery                         Lecknabegga


Michael O’Donnell                                 Hollymount                                            Aisling Mulcair (RIP)             Dromore
Raymond Gohery                                   Lecknabegga                                            Regina Cunningham                Ballylahy
Damian Larkin                                        Dromore                                                  Julanne Counihan                    Streamstown
Martin Kennedy                                     Limepark                                                 Bridget Collins                        Skehanagh
John Prendergast                                     Rahaly                                                     Helen Brady                            Kilthomas
John Healy                                              Rahaly                                                     Christina Gardiner                  Cappard


David Quinn (RIP)                                 Ballynabucky                                          Martina Dooley                      Lecknabegga
Danny Fahy                                            Doonally                                                 Helen Coleman                        Loughanunawadda
David Fitzgerald                                     Cappard                                                  Mary Burke                            Ballynabucky
Kenneth Larkin                                       Dromore                                                  Monica Gohery                      Lecknabegga
Enda McGarry                                        Peterswell


Justin Flannery                                       Blackrock                                                Michelle Howley                    Limepark
Declan Deely                                          Gortinanuisce                                          Sharon Howley                       LimeparkEmer Farrell                                                   Shanvalley
Anthony Counihan                                 Ballylahy                                                Marguerite Counihan              Streamstown
Anthony O’Donnell                               Drumaloch                                              Marguerite Kilcooley              Shragh


Kevin Gavin                                            Peterswell                                               Louise Flannery                      Blackrock
Paul Gavin                                              Peterswell                                               Sharon Coleman                      Loughanunawadda
John Weir                                                Druminaloch


David Weir                                              Dromaloch                                              Sinead Lahiffe                         Peterswell
Thomas Brady                                        Kilthomas                                               Patricia Fahy                           Doonally
Coleman Fitzgerald                                 Cappard                                                Olive Coleman                        Loughanunawadda
Michael Howley                                     Limepark
Robert Lahiffe                                         Peterswell
Michael Curley                                       Cloone



Enda Mulkerrins                                   Lissadoill                                               Sylvia Farrell                         Shanvalley
Nicholas Flannery                                Blackrock                                               Breda Kilcooley                    Shragh
Anthony Hynes                                   Gortardagaun


Dermot Farrell                                        Shanvalley                                               Michelle Weir                         Dromaloch
Enda O’Leary                                         Loughanunawadda                                  Bernie Brady                           Kilthomas
Adam McMullin                                     Kilderry                                                  Deirdre Keely                         Peterswell
Ann Coleman                          Loughanunawadda
Sinead Hynes                          Gortardagaun
Rachael McMullin                  Kilderry

Padraig Collins                                        Skehanagh                                               Siobhan Weir                           Donally
Garvin Kearns                                         Doonally                                                 Mary Teresa Flannery            Blackrock
Bernard Mulkerrins                                  Lissadoill                                                 Rebecca McMullin                 Kilderry
Patrick Burke                                          Skehanagh                                               Orla Lynskey                          Skehanagh
Stephen Quinn                                        Dromore                                                  Neassa Lahiffe                        Peterswell
Fiona Finnegan                        Gort


Michael Morgan                                     Skehanagh                                               Caroline Howley                     Limepark
Joseph Lynskey                                     Skehanagh                                               Ann Holland                           Rahaly
Colin Burke                                             Skehanagh                                               Louisa Howley                       Limepark
Niall Keely                                              Peterswell                                               Sara McGarry                         Peterswell
Martin Curley                                         Cloone                                                     Karen Burke                            Loughanunawadda
Aidan Glynn                                           Ballyee
Mark Quinn                                            Domore


Ronan Kilkenny                                      Skehanagh                                               Valarie O’Leary                      Loughanunawadda
Desmond Glynn                                     Ballyee                                                    Lorraine Mulkerrins                Lissadoill
Beshlie Greville                                       Doonally                                                 Aoife McGarry                       Peterswell
Michael Holland                                     Rahaly                                                     Bernadette Coleman                Loughanunawadda
Brain Farrell                                            Blackrock                                                Ashling Fitzgerald                   Peterswell
Ashling Greville                      Doonally


Sean Burke                                              Loughanunawadda                                  Carolina Dooley                      Lecknabegga
Michael Farrell                                        Blackrock                                                Ria Kilkenny                           Skehanagh
Adrian Burke                                          Skehanagh                                               Jennifer Quinn                        Dromore
Anthony Glynn                                      Drumminacoosaun                                  Olivia O’Leary                        Loughanunawadda
Peter Howley                                          Limepark                                                 Michelle Curran                      Ballynabucky
Colin Lynskey                                        Skehanagh                                               Mary Curley                           Cloone
Edel Glynn                              Ballyee
Corena Mulkerrins                  Lissadoill


David Dooley                                         Lecknabegga                                            Niamh Coleman                      Loughanunawadda
Bernard Glynn                                        Calfhill                                                    Colette Kearns                        Doonally
Michael Fitzgerald                                  Peterswell                                               Marie Glynn                           Drumminacoosaun
Richard Glynn                                        Calfhill                                                    Karina Fitzgerald                    Cappard


Paul Kelly                                               Gortardagaun                                          Teresa Glynn                          Ballyee
Darragh Lahiffe                                       Peterswell                                               Deirdre Lynskey                     Skehanagh
Aidan Holland                                         Rahaly                                                     Sharon Murray                       Peterswell
Noel Farrell                                             Blackrock                                                Christina Glynn                      Calfhill
Damian O’Leary                                     Loughanunawadda                                  Susan Quinn                            Dromore



Alan O’Leary                                          Loughanunawadda                                  Christina Connors                   Kilderry
Barry Burke                                            Skehanag                                                 Sandra Lynskey                      Skehanagh
Martin Hynes                                         Gortardagaun                                          Grainne Devine                       Cappard
Jacinta Cooley                        Lecknabegga
Stella Burke                             Doonally


Padraic O’Donnell                                  Kilbeacanty                                             Christina Hynes                      Gortardagaun
Joseph O’Leary                                      Loughanunawadda                                  Marie Fitzgerald                     Cappard
Stephen Farrell                                        Blackrock
John Hynes                                             Kilderry
David Holland                                         Rahaly
Michael Mulkerrins                                                Lissadoill
Gregory Glynn                                       Calfhill
Martin Kearns                                        Doonally


Luke McMullan                                      Kilderry                                                  Susan Burke                            Skehanagh
Ben McMullan                                       Kilderry                                                  Linda Murray                         Peterswell
Ailbhe O’Donnell                   Kilbeacanty
Laura Cooney (RIP)               Ballynabucky
Edel Sherry                             Gortaloman
Laura O’Leary                        Loughanunawadda
Mary Ellen Mullins                Gortardagaun


Tristan Crosbie                                       Skehanagh                                               Michelle O’Donnell                Peterswell
Joseph Crosbie                                       Skehanagh                                               Lisa Sherry                              Gortaloman
Dulta Low                                               Calfhill                                                    Emer Keely                             Peterswell
Ciúnas Low                                             Calfhill                                                    Patricia Hynes                        Gortardagaun
Brian Regan                                             Ballynabucky                                          Caroline Mullins                     Gortardagaun
David Connors                                        Gardenblake
Martin Connors                                      Kilderry


Daniel Burke                                           Doonally                                                 Deirdre Fahy                           Doonally
Christopher Rock                                   Ballylahy                                                Caitriona O’Donnell               Kilbecanty
David Kelleher                                        Cappard                                                  Martina Hynes                       Kilderry
Angela Kearns                         Doonally
Amanda Kilkenny                   Skehanagh


Raymond Burke                        Doonally                                                 Siofra Devine                          Cappard
Heather Cooney                      Ballynabucky
Edel Kerans                             Gardenblake
Sarah Fitzgerald                      Cappard
Caroline Keely                        Skehanagh


Adrian Sherry                                         Gortaloman                                             Ann Marie Forde                    Loughrea
John Mullins                                           Gortardagaun                                          Louise Curran                         Ballynabucky
Richard Curran                                        Ballynabucky

Donal Cooney                                         Ballynabucky                                          Clodagh Devine                       Cappard
Tony Keely                                            Rahaly                                                     Aoife Fahy                              Doonally
Dermot Keely                                         Skehanagh                                               Caitriona Lynskey                  Skehanagh
Eoin Burke                                              Doonally                                                 Orla Keely                              Doonally
Milo Barham                                           Hollymount                                            April Dooley                          Lecknabegga
Niamh Cooney                                       Peterswell