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Memories of Childhood     




By Colette Kearns


My first memories of primary school are that of being brought to school in 1986 on the back of my mothers bicycle by way of “the bog road”, and getting a great thrill from going up and down over the bumps along the way.

Memories  that comes to mind are  the classroom jobs. I always wanted to wipe the blackboard at the end of the day. It never dawned on me that I was the smallest in the class and I would hardly reach the board above the level of the teachers head…when she was sitting down!

Instead I seemed to get the job of bringing the rolla to the “masters” room. I shook with fear going up the hall, not  fear of the master but of the big boys and girls in fifth and sixth class laughing at me. We all did it ourselves in sixth class. Does anyone remember knocking on the master’s door and having to go back out and do it again if you knocked on the glass?

I was nervous on my first day in the master’s room, but in fairness there was no need to be, unless I lost a “life” for speaking in a low voice and the class got extra homework (we never did).

In secondary school the boys and girls from St. Thomas’ are known for having a high standard of primary education, especially in Irish. The tenses I did in fifth and sixth class wasn’t touched on again until I was doing my Junior Cert. I had a wonderful time in primary school with far too many memories to outline in such a short space. I wholeheartedly believe that my time in Peterswell is one of the main reasons I have chosen to pursue a career in childcare.

Finally I returned to the school a few years ago as a substitute for fourth, fifth and sixth class and I solved the one mystery of my time there…what the teachers used to talk about in the classroom at lunchtime. I’ll take the answer to that to my grave!