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Pupils aspirations, likes and dislikes.




By Tom McGarry

Vincent Collins liked English reading, History and Geography and disliked Irish reading, sums and Irish writing.

Francis Walsh liked Irish, Geography and spellings and disliked singing, history and nature.  Francis wanted to be a farmer, carpenter, forestry worker or postman.

Oliver Fitzgerald liked sums, English and Spelling. He disliked Irish and History.  Oliver wanted to be a farmer, mechanic, garda, and a shopkeeper.

Michael Finn liked English reading, Irish reading sums he disliked history, writing and spellings.

Marilyn Quinn liked History, nature and Irish and disliked geography and sums.  Marilyn wanted to be Jockey, groom, and own a shop or a receptionist in a hotel.

Mary Dooley liked spellings, sums, comhrá and disliked history geography and English reading.  Mary wanted to be a garda, shopkeeper, and work in a shop or a taxi driver

Siobhan O’Donnell liked sums, Irish and Catechism. She disliked frogs, English and fish.  Siobhan wanted to be a nurse, work in the bank, a nun or a teacher.

Martin Caulfield liked sums, History and Reading. He disliked spellings and writing.
Martin wanted to be a garda, shopkeeper, farmer or forest worker.

Raphael Counihan liked Reading, Writing and Sums.He disliked poetry and history.
Raphael wanted to be a mechanic, stunt driver, farm man or drummer.

Matthew Cunningham liked Geography, Maths and reading and disliked no subject.
Matthew wanted to be a mechanic, engineer, draughts man or plumber.

Pauline Connaire liked writing, reading and sums.She disliked History and Geography.Pauline wanted to be a nurse, nun, waitress or dress maker.

Chris Fitzgerald liked Geography, Sums and Irish.She disliked History and English.

Fiona Mulcair liked writing, Geography and History.She disliked Irish and sums.
Fiona wanted to be housewife, secretary, nurse or teacher.

Mary Teresa Fahey liked writing, singing and sports. She disliked sums, geography and poetry.

Anthony Cunningham liked sums, history and geography. He disliked English spellings, Irish spellings and nature.

Peter Caulfield wanted to be a farmer, bus driver, train driver or a forester.

Mary O’Shaughnessy wanted to be a nurse airhostess, hairdresser or waitress.

Kieran Connors wanted to be a farmer, bus driver, fisherman or pilot.

Pat Farrell wanted to be a milkman, carpenter or soccer player.

Peter Fahy wanted to be a corporal in the army, pilot, bus driver or fisherman.

Mary Healy wanted to be a nurse, Airhostess or policewoman.

Patrick Fitzgerald wanted to be a transport man, rally driver, carpenter or train driver.

Geraldine Hennessy wanted to be a nurse, garda, office worker or hairdresser.

Agnes Connaire wanted to be a nurse, dressmaker, Airhostess or hairdresser.