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Recollections of Paddy Mulkerrins




Born 1914, 90th Birthday March 4th 2004

Paddy recalls a not too easy regime during his school days in Peterswell.  Though excelling in Irish and impressive in the speed at which he could work out mathematical calculations (‘mentals’) in his head, he was far from being a forward student.  He still believes that he would not have passed the leaving Cert though his family believe differently – as he still outwits them in every field.  He continues to have a great sense of humour enjoying the ‘reference’ given to him by his schoolmaster – namely that if his progress at school didn’t improve his legacy from his father, Ned, would be an empty sack with a hole in it.  Far from putting a dent in his self –esteem, this only served to strengthen his conviction that the Master was always in the wrong and he in the right,  as he was regularly set in stark contrast to his clerical student brothers, Bernard and Tom.  On the brighter side, his admiration for and love of the school mistress was equalled by his love for his mother whose favourite son he was and who taught him how to cook.

Fortune was not on his side either when with his brother, Eddie, he cycled to dances in Gort and discovered that Gort relations and friends of his parents cycled in the opposite direction to report his escapades to his parents.

Much as he and his brothers and sisters looked forward to Christmas, they always got money only from Santa, which they had to pay almost immediately as Free Offering in the Priest’s Christmas Collections.  He recalls going to the bog, cycling to the Galway Races and his assigned task in 1936 of driving his brother, Tom in a pony and trap to the station in Ardrahan on the first leg of his journey as a Colombian Missionary to Korea.

He is still attached to Peterswell and the families he knew there and looks forward to a happy  reunion.