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Kilthomas Church

By Peter Fahy


Kilthomas Church
The original church of the Parish of Peterswell was Kilthomas Church. It stood in the Kilthomas graveyard in Gardenblake.

Mr. John O’Donovan that included letters containing information relating to the antiquities of Co. Galway refers to the church in Vol. 11 of a publication. These letters were collected during the Ordnance Survey in 1839

Apparently a feature of the Kilthomas Church was an underground passage through which the people in the church could flee to a safe distance when the need arose. Judging by the fire marks on the wall and the history that is retold, this need did indeed arise.

The church was later used as a barn and then later again as the site of the original Peterswell School. This site has been used for many a function and is now the home to the parish hall known as the Joe Cooley Memorial Hall.