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Tobar Pheadair Boxing Club was established in 2004, by Mr James Fahy, a former Irish and Garda Boxing Champion. Since its inception, the club has grown from 15 members to in excess of 60 current members. Right from the beginning it was the intention to create a club with equal opportunity for both male and female members of all age groups and social backgrounds. In its first year it succeeded in attaining two County boys titles and as there was no regional competition for the females, was influential in the coming about of the first national Ladies competitions held in the National Stadium on the 3rd November 2005.  Tobar Pheadair brought home two ladies titles and a runner-up from that competition.
The Club is situate in the Village of Peterswell, County Galway that is about half way between the N6 (national Primary route from Galway to Dublin) and the N18 (National Primary route from Galway to Limerick) just of the r66.
It is in a rural area with a declining population .Hopefully this will change.
Training sessions take place on a Monday and Tuesday nights between 8p.m and 9;30 pm for ages 9 years and upwards and on a Friday night between 7 and 8 30 pm Both male and female are members of both groups. 
Due to the very intense and physical nature of the sport, it is a very popular club with those who want to box or just keep fit alike . there is no obligation on any one attending to box but if that is what happens then that is a bonus! I t has a wide spread of membership, some travelling, as far away as Oranmore (about 25-30 minutes drive)

In its second year an inter county tournament, between Galway and Clare was held in Peterswell hall which was a huge success the visitors losing by a single bout.
The club premises is the local Community Hall, known Locally as the Joe Cooley Memorial Hall (a famous traditional Musician -accordion) and is also used by several other sections of the local area, clubs and organisations


The President of this club James Fahy is also County Secretary, Connaught Treasurer and National and Regional Delegate and will be in a position to ensure events get hosted in the club on a regular basis.
The Boxing club has the support of the community with about 25 of its current members from the local community joined at some stage however very few have stayed the pace, David Quinn of Dunmore being the one who achieved most winning a county title in his first year and making the Connaught championships for the following two years.
This was followed by many other successes including the great prospect in Jessica Dooley who was a Irish champion in the making and had much more potential unfulfilled. So far the boys , Oisin , Fahy Cian D’arcy and Martin Donavan and of course James Junior have made the trip to Dublin only the Irish title has still eluded us. But not without great effort and as any one knows the titles are hard won in Dublin but we keep trying .
Not withstanding that perservence does pay off as James Junior found out three years trying to get past Connaught finally resulted in success this last two years winning the county and Connaught titles at both junior 75kg and under 21 at 81 kg titles. He is to date our most senior boxer and our most decorated one having won many tournaments outing across the world also.
So far the club has been to Wales two years ago, had Wales back to us in gort tournament, had Katie Taylor world champion of 06 and soon to be for a second time (nov 08) box the Czech republic champion Teresa Lukesova also in gort and a team of 13 recently were invited to the Czech republic to Pilzen town to celebrate the end of the war tournament That was May 1 to 4 this summer and it will go down as probably the best trip in history. Ask any one that was there.! We brought representation from three other clubs also to make up the bill, Monivea, Ballinasloe and Kilfenora.
Last year 07 we had a night of all Ireland champions from Munster box the Connaught champions in gort also and this season we look forward to a local display of talent when we hope to match all the locals in our annual tournament.
The club has attracted great interest and we now have 10 qualified coaches, Francie O Donnell being the most senior coach as both James snr and Francie belonged to the once Gort Boxing club ran by Mr James Regan between 1980 to 1987
Also qualified are Kieran Connors, Stephen Aherne ,Emma Dooley, Richard D’arcy , james junior mark Quinn Martin Fahy and Mal Quinn who also boxed out of Gort club all those years ago.Francie Kieran James are also judges and our own David Kelleher is both a coach and a judge under IABA Rules. David was commended on receipt of his certificate as being a judge of great potential.
The club has a large membership with one or two youngsters emerging as showing talent , we hope it will continue to grow and we hope you will follow its progress on this web site .