Thyroid nodules thyroid cyst multiple cysts (colloid) hot nodule thyroid adenoma thyroid cancer investigations which may be used to tell the doctor whether the lump needs treated or not you have been found to have a swelling on the thyroid gland. This pamphlet aims to give you some background information to the condition, its causes and treatment options. The thyroid gland is located in the neck. Its role is to release thyroid hormones which power the cells of the body. Thyroid nodules are swellings or lumps in the gland, which do not usually interfere with the normal activity of the gland. The symptoms are due to the lump itself, which may cause discomfort, or press on the gullet behind, causing swallowing difficulties. Very rarely a lump may also press on the windpipe causing breathing difficulties. Most patients however only notice the lump incidentally, it is too small to cause symptoms. There are however several types of nodule. 1.     thyroid cyst. cheap viagra viagra online for sale viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra online cheap generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription viagra buying buy viagra quality viagra generic online viagra without a doctor prescription This is just a fluid filled swelling, which is of no significance. It can be drained by sticking a needle into it and withdrawing the fluid. If it recurs several times then surgery may be needed. 2. Multiple cysts (colloid) this is a collection of many small cysts, and is of no importance. If very large it may require surgery to remove it. 3.     hot nodule this is a small part of the thyroid gland which is working independently from the rest of the gland. If it is producing excess thyroid hormone it is known as a ‘hot nodule’ and this may cause ‘hyperthyroidism’ (see separate information sheet). It needs to be treated like other causes of hyperthyroidism with drugs, radioactive iodine or surgery. 4.     thyroid adenoma this is a benign growth. Surgical removal is usually advised because there is a small risk it could become malignant in the future. It can be forgotten about once it has been removed. 5.      thyroid cancer there are various forms of thyroid cancers, but the majority of them are slow growing with a relatively good outcome after treatment. Some are readily curable. Treatment would require surgery and often high dose radioactive iodine. Investigations which may be used to tell the doctor whether the lump needs tre. Ban1 CREST
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