Home Prev cv menu pathweb home © feed back about next arial septal defect (asd) etiology •unknown in > 90% of cases. Identifiable chromosomal abnormalities in 5% of cases, i. E. Trisomies 18 & 21. •clear that etiology not entirely genetic, since only one of monozygotic twins may develop an anomaly, and rubella in the mother during the first trimester leads to congenital heart disease (chd) and a variety of defects in other systems, including immunodeficiencies. •definite evidence of radiation, and chemicals also being etiologic factors. Pathogenesis •septum primum, septum secundum, and the sinus venosus are involved anlagen in three types of defects. •failure of s. Primum to form completely results in a low asd adjoining av valve. •failure of normally partially formed s. Secundum to reach antero-inferiorly far enough, &/or excessive s. Primum resorption results in fossa ovalis asd's. •primitive sinus venosus contributes to atrial walls, septum, ostia of superior and inferior vena cavas and pulmonary veins. •defects form high or low in septum near v. Cava ostia. , epidemiology •asd found in 5% of all cases of chd. •chd most common form of heart disease in childhood. •incidence is 6-8/1000 live full term births. •incidence higher in stillborns and premature births. •90% of asd's are of the septum secundum type, and 5% of the septum primum type. General gross description •septum primum defects are adjacent to av valve ring, antero-inferior to fossa ovalis. •septum secundum defects form within the fossa ovalis or along its superior margin if s. Secundum development is incomplete. •sinus venosus defects are located immediately adjacent to the ostia of the superior or inferior vena cavas, and are often associated with anomalies of pulmonary venous drainage into the right atrium or superior vena cava. buy cheap viagra generic viagra cheap viagra online viagra for sale cheap generic viagra generic viagra online generic viagra usa pharmacy buy generic viagra •examples: general microscopic description •individual layers of involved structures are histologically normal. •examples: reference. Blog About Peterswell Past Present Links Contact


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