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Osition with interlacing bands of fibroblast-like cells (hematoxylin and eosin, original magnification ã—20). On mr imaging, the mass exhibited a low t1 signal intensity, isointense to muscles (fig 1b), and a very hypointense t2 signal intensity with separate foci of hyperintensity (fig 1c). Again noted was significant mass effect to the muscles of mastication and bony remodeling in the right maxilla, mandible, and zygomatic arch. The mass showed significant enhancement after contrast administration (fig 1d). Although the mass deeply extended between the medial and lateral pterygoid muscles, there was no invasion or infiltration of the muscles or evidence of intracranial extension. The mass was thought to arise from the buccal space because of the erosion of the coronoid process and its epicenter being also in the buccal space. Fine-needle aspiration biopsy demonstrated squamous mucosa and submucosa with ulceration, acute and chronic inflammation, and granulation tissue adjacent to a focus of spindle cell fibroblastic proliferation. At this time, the patient agreed to surgical resection. In the operating room, a smooth soft-tissue mass was discovered, exhibiting mass effect on the right maxillary sinus. There was erosion of the hard palate on the right side. Dissecting with a 1-cm margin, we peeled the mass off the sinus side of the orbital floor and from around the mandible without difficulty. The right maxilla and pterygoid plate were both subsequently removed. Finally, a palatal prosthesis and right-thigh skin graft were placed. On gross pathologic review, the tumor was polypoid, well circumscribed, and encapsulated, demonstrating no gross bone or soft palate invasion (fig 1e). Cut sections through the tumor revealed a homogeneous tan surface with a whorled and slightly nodular appearance and focal areas of hemorrhage (fig 1f). Histopathologic examination revealed alternating hypocellular and hypercellular areas of spindle-shaped tumor cells with scant cytoplasm and vesicular nuclei. The cells were arranged in short storiform bundles, separated by thick bands of eosinophilic collagen-like material. viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra online cheap viagra india cheap viagra cheap generic viagra generic viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for sale Surgical margin. web site which will contain all manner of fun and games with
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